Full Render V2

Please find our proposed finished video below. On the final invoice being settled we will supply without the timecode and music watermark. We hope you like it!

Style Frames and Proof of Concept Animation

These show you our proposed visual style treatment for the video and are to be used to imagine what the wireframe will look like when fully rendered and all post work is finished. As set out in the proposal, we have developed a realistic look to the scenes, with the car and booth always remaining photo-real throughout. We have then used a variety of techniques to knock-back and stylise the look of the background to ensure this remains secondary to our hero's (the car and the booth) whilst subtly connecting the viewer with the feel of the Carboosh branding. When we enter the booth the treatment becomes more solid and real looking. The Damage Analysis section then employs more tech-orientated graphic overlays to give a feel of clever AI and technology that can't be seen by the human eye. These tracking search boxes will scan over the car and lock-on to the areas of the damage before giving techie read-outs.

Styles Frames - Road Scene
Style Frames - Retail Park Exterior

Proof of Concept Animation - Intro Road Scene

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Marketing Angle 1)

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Marketing Angle 2)

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Marketing Angle 3)

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Damage Analysis 1)

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Damage Analysis 2)

Style Frames - Inside Booth (Damage Analysis 3)