Wireframe V1

Please find our proposed wireframe above.

It’s important to note that this is not the proposed look of the video so please disregard the look of the sub and ship, all scenes, all products treatments,  all text treatments etc etc. For example all the text is still in the nasty red colour :)
However the content, camera animation, object animation, edit timings, structure of the shots and music hit points have all been highly considered. It is these elements that we would kindly like your approval on so that we can confidently move onto the final lighting and texturing stages - where we will firstly proof sa series of static style frames of the key scenes and then move onto proof of concept animations. After his we will deliver the first pass of the full video.

I’d strongly recommend listening to this with the music on, we’ve carefully edited to the music to get a powerful feel to the edit. Great music choice Amy!

Intro (000000 - 000253)
This is not fully animated yet but shows the technical engineering style design we plan to use to reveal the logo.

There will be a pointer to Birmingham here and the text will be larger when it’s designed.

As the lines appear and connect the continents we see a spread of connectivity from the UK outwards which isn’t currently visualised.

These labels will be made a little larger and more uniform in scale when properly designed.

As mentioned above - all text around the products are placeholders but are displaying the intended wording. The position of the main pointer (i.e. the line with a circle that points to the location on sub or ship) is our intended positioning but this is not the design of the pointer. These points apply to all following products.

As noted above, the graphic overlay of this scene is not the intended design - this is just a rough placeholder. This will be designed after the stage and proofed to you. One point that was raised in the studio was do we need a heading above the list of countries here to explain what they are?



Animatic V2

Please find our revised animatic via the link below. We've applied all the suggested changes from the previous round of feedback- hopefully we have understood everything correctly.

We look forward to your thoughts and if your happy to officially approval this we can continue on to the wireframe stage nicely on schedule.


Animatic V1

Please find our animatic above. As you may know from our Babcock video production process, the animatic stage is essentially the storyboard slides sequentially flicking through in an edit with some basic animation applied to get a feel for the flow and duration of the full length video.

As you will see, the animatic is intentionally visually crude to keep it quick and easy to update and to ensure that it doesn’t get confused with final treatment. For example all labels are in a nasty red font so that it’s very clear that this is not the visual treatment. So just to reiterate, this is not the visual style of the video! :)

That said, a great deal of thought and consideration has gone into this stage as it’s very important to get the edit and timings correct, in order to allow enough time to deliver the proposed content.

From this animatic stage we are seeking your approval on the overall edit and flow of the video, to check we have all content correct i.e. wording, products, product info, product locations etc etc.

On approval of the animatic, we will be moving onto the wireframe stage which will be in full 3d and be much more representative of the final video. At that stage we will also be proofing some fully rendered test animations (proof of concepts) and static style frames of the proposed final look - these will give you a much better feel for how everything will look and animate.

We look forward to your thoughts.