Proposed Final Video

Proposed Final Video Treatment V1

We're pleased to present our proposed final video treatment.

The only thing to note on this is that we still have the timecode top right and the watermark on the music. Both will be removed for the final supply of the files on approval.

We hope you like it and we look forward to your thoughts.



Wireframe V2

The wireframe is virtually the same as you saw in the last round, just with the very minor typo corrected and new heading on the final country listing frame.

The main develop for this stage has been the proof of concept animations, which will give you a much better idea of how the video will actually look. These are fully rendered proofs with our intended grade, design and treatment applied. Please see the frame ranges below each proof that relate to their positioning in the wireframe video. These animations are still a little 'work in progress' but they should give you a really good idea of where we are going. We hope you like them!

Proof of Concept Animations

Frame range 000309 - 000678

Frame range 000688 - 000768

Frame range 001132-001620

Frame range 002310 - 002471