Main Video Proofs

V-Res Main Video - Animatic V2

000000 - 000280
This is our proposed logo transition from MIRA to VRes.

000290 - 000936
Engineering / Facility Section
The red text labels and camera moves are all placeholders for now so please ignore how crude these are. We plan to do close-up shots of the UI screens to show the detail in the designs and to keep this section interesting as the voice over explains. The UI designs will have subtle animation going on and the background car could be spinning in 3d to keep it feeling active, alive and technical looking. The animation needs to be kept relatively minimal to not make it too complicated to take in. 

Please see all UI screen designs pasted below the animatic at full resolution. We’ve supplied these so you can see these in more detail. We’ve spent a huge amount of time designing all of these screens and had to put a lot of creative thought into how these display your content - this has been a big task from what was supplied! Whilst saying that, I also wouldn’t over think the content of these too much as really they are there to deliver the top level content whilst the voice over explains the detail. The secondary info in the designs is really just there to make the process look in-depth and technical, not to be too specially accurate. We can easily tweak the text headings of each areas though, to make these more accurate if need be.

002086 -  002366
This is all very ‘animatic' looking but delivers the content from the storyboard. This will of course be designed and animated as proposed in the approved storyboard. This will then transition slickly into the City Circuit - represented here by the reveal of the familiar gantry of the City Circuit.

002385 - 003060
We’ve developed the scenario section as a 3d wireframe with basic placeholder labelling, as the action is very specific and an animatic wouldn’t really explain the action too well. So this is not the intended look but it is the intended timing, general content, camera moves and action. All will be beautifully designed, lit and rendered of course. All labels are currently being designed and will be replaced on approval of this section.

003110 - 003400
Again, this is just a wireframe treatment and the graphic labelling on the left are just crude designs and animations to get the timing and content right. These will all be deigned and animated to the quality of the teaser UI panels.

003432 - 003542
This back to the crude animatic camera moves and content. Please excuse the look and animation here, this is very much just to get timings and content right at this stage.

Please excuse the crime crash-in camera move here. This will be a cooler, slick camera transition into the circutibaord.

003561 - 003700
The circuitboard will be 3d and look very technical and cool like our Dyson work. This is just a crude screen grab from the storyboard so lots imagination required here. The pulse lines will be animated travelling out of the main chip. Initially we will see the cyber attack red lines, then they will be replaced with blue, healthy protected line pulses. Again, all onscreen graphics are just placeholders and are currently being designed.

003700 - 004090
As we pull back out the car, we are now in the realistic city environment. This is presented here as more of a full wireframe than animatic so that we can get the timings of all shots and the car reactions correct. However, the internals of the car systems just crudely appear. Please try to ignore this and assume they will be a similar treatment to the internals we see in the teaser video.

004090 - 004295
We spent a lot of time refining this sequence to get a good balance between an 'autonomous controlled stop' and the drama needed to make an interesting conclusion to the video and scenario. From our testing this felt just about right. If we tone down the speed anymore it felt too insignificant, and with the car faster it felt too much like a close call. Hopefully you agree we have a good balance.


Enginerring / Facility UI Screen Designs

UI Screen: Functional Safety

UI Screen: Automotive Cyber Security

UI Screen: Electromagnetic Resilience

UI Screen: V-Res Facilities Overview

UI Screen: V-Res Facilities Grouped Shot

UI Screen: V-Res Facility Main Building

UI Screen: V-Res Facility Main Building - Innovation Lab

UI Screen: V-Res Facility Main Building - Connectivity Lab

UI Screen: V-Res Facility Main Building - Systems Lab

UI Screen: V-Res Facility Main Building - Dynamics Lab​​​​​​​


V-Res Main Video - Animatic V1

This is a quick animatic we've put together to give you a sense of suggest timings - just the boards flicking through for now. So yes, very basic at this stage but something to help you understand the storyboard and to begin writing the scipt to.


Teaser Proofs

V-Res Teaser - Proposed Final Treatment V2 (Full VO)

- We have removed small MIRA logos on the UI panels as suggested.

- The 4 'Proactive Engineering' panels are now staggered.

- We've made more of the Resilient moment as suggested.

- Added a new MIRA logo sting at the end - please note the audio currently cuts off at the end of the original length. We'll ask Zelig to continue this and add a new sound for this sting of you're happy to approve?

V-Res Teaser - Proposed Final Treatment V1

Please find our proposed final treatment of the V-Res Teaser. This also has Zelig's proposed final pass on the audio treatment. We're super proud of this and can't wait to see it out in the open!

We look forward to your thoughts. Thanks for all your help along the way.

Voice Over Proof V1

Please find our proposed treatment of the voice over above. We asked the artist to record the word 'V-Res' in the sequence as we can always take this out if you'd prefer. We rather like it left in there, but I'm sure it would work with out too. It's very easy to remove. The voice over artist did a few of versions but we've narrowed it down to our preferred choice to keep things easier for you. We think it works really well!

Zelig might need to duck the audio slightly to better hero the voice.

We have to let the artist know if there are revisions or if they are approved by the end of tomorrow.

We look forward to your thoughts.

V-Res Teaser WIP V1

Please find our current 'work in progress' final proposed treatment above.  We have removed the timecode on this proof as it conflicts with some of the on-screen graphics.

Please assume that up to 0:28 seconds is our proposed finished treatment and beyond this point is still wireframe. We are almost there on the final shots, but they are not quite in a state to show just yet. We also would like your approval of the first half of the video before we commit to comping all of these.

We haven't added the voice over in yet and also please note that the sound design has not been revised to fit a few new timings. When we've got all the final shots rendered and approved we'll go back to Zelig to retime all sounds and add any extras in. For example, the brake calliper glowing disk moment, will need a dramatic screech sound to accompany this new action. This is all a bit out of time now.

Its been a real labour of love for us, many many hours above and beyond the budget...but it's a real head turner we think! We hope you like it as much as we do :)

Teaser Wireframe V2

Please find our revised wireframe below - this also has Zelig's latest WIP audio with first pass sound design. The sound effects are a little out in places but these can all be tweaked. There are still quite a few areas to note below but hopefully you're happy to approve this and we can move onto the final production stages with fully locked off timings.

We're going to ask Zelig to add a car turning over and firing up sound here - so the view gets the idea the car is definitely running and that this start of the test.

The UI overlay is still a placeholder but is being designed as we speak.

000280 / 000799 / 000815
The background of the text cut-aways scene are still a placeholders, we have rebuilt these to look a little more tech looking and this will be in the next proof.

000343 and 000414
The UI graphic is a placeholder.

The wheel slow down and brake moment has been updated but the sound effect is currently a little out of time. The look of the brake disk glow (and the whole scene of course) is just temporary. We'll ask Zelig to make the sound for brake moment a bit more dramatic too.

As the camera swings around into slow mo, we were going to ask Zelig to have a bit more of a bullet-time feel to sound to emphahsis this slow mo moment, just before the logo comes in.

This is our proposed logo animation and endboard treatment. Hope you like it :)

The end kicker needs a sound effect - we'll ask Zelig to add one.

Teaser Wireframe V1

Please find our first pass on the wireframe above. This is indeed a first pass and should be considered a rough WIP at this stage. Certain aspects from the animatic are yet to be fully introduced. We are still developing this and will continue to do so until we are due to begin on the final production stages.

We're really excited about how this is progressing - it's going to a really fantastic piece. We're putting everything into this to make it as cool as possible. Please bear in mind the 'proof of concept' animations below to how this will end of looking.

We look forward to your comments on the action and the first pass music bed. Please see notes below to get a better understanding of where we are and how we plan to develop this over the coming week.

Major points to note…

Wireframe Styling

This is not our intended look for the video in any form, this is a wireframe representation of our intentions so that we can keep the output of the scenes relatively quick and flexible to compile. We have however given significant thought and development to camera moves and timings. So yes, please ignore the look of the scene i.e. how elements highlight, data flows, gltiching not being present etc etc - this is just to keep things quicker to develop. Please refer back to the animatic for these. Please also note that the voice over is not applied to this proof at the moment. We plan to commission this in the coming week.

Sound design

This is Zelig’s first pass on the music bed. This does not include sound design / sound effects yet, this is just the base music track. We really love this and think it will create a great basis to build up the layered sound design elements. Maybe we could suggest to them to make it a little more intense towards the end? i.e. add more of a build up? Please assume that an additional 50% of drama and fullness will be added by the sound design layer. The music bed is just that, a bed for the sound design to be developed over.

Step by step run down of events


This is where the car’s ignition will be turned on with relevant sound effect. The car is getting ready for it’s rigorous test.


The cars engine turns over and she fires up. As well as the car being lifted into position, the car starting creates a nice way to get the teaser underway.


The UI elements are placeholders but roughly along the lines of our intended route.


The text cutaways show an abstract representation of the V-Res facility. Each of these text cutaways will be used to subtly and abstractly reflect the action to come in the following scenes. This scene sets us up and shows V-Res as being the centre piece, with knowledge and expertise being at the core of the facility. Arteries lead out from the centre, testing and developing vehicles and their systems. The full frame cutaways also give us a moment to take in the text and give us a minor breather from the teaser action.

0:12 secs (sorry we missed timecode here)

A wireless connection is established with the car. The pipe will be filled with data and cool connectivity effects. The UI graphic is a placeholder and is in development.


A wireless connection is established with the car. The wireless signal will be filled with data and cool connectivity effects. The UI graphic is a placeholder.


The abstract testing code ‘packets' are sent out from the V-Res computer systems to the car - ready to be more fully realised and demonstrated in the following scenes.

000555 - 000634

The testing packet of code is sent to the car. This flows into the car’s wiring harness and into the braking system. We might need to play with timings a little here to show each element in sequence.


As the car brakes here we plan to get more drama into this shot. The brake calliper will also highlight to reinforce the moment of the brakes being applied. The sound effects will also emphasise this.


A testing packet of code is sent via the wireless connection. This is crudely represented in the wireframe as an orange ring. This will be made clear and look cool when fully developed.


The car’s aerial receives it, it flows through the car to the steering system which malfunctions.


We see the abstract dissemination of an electromagnetic simulation test from the V-Res hub.


The phone is affected by the electromagnetic test. These phone will be more prominent as we develop the scene.

0:37 secs (sorry we missed timecode here)

The simulated electromagnetic test emerges from behind the camera and spreads across the car before penetrating the wiring loom and engine. As mentioned above, excuse the crude treatment of the waves.

0:39 (sorry we missed timecode here)

This shot has not been developed much yet, we’ve only looked at camera positions. This will of course have all tests being applied to the car at once with lots of drama before the car becomes shielded and moves out into the real world.


This is a shot from out look dev but is close to how the video will look. We have not yet at how the car reveals and how the internals fade up momentarily at the end. Please excuse that this has the old wireless transmitter treatment. This will be updated to have the tall mast style transmitter seen in the earlier wireframe shots.

We look forward to ay initial comments on Monday and then continuing to develop the wireframe over the coming week.

Teaser Animatic V3

Please find our revised animatic treatment above. This should cover all points raised in the meeting. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please excuse the audio edit, this is just a very crude edit of an existing track to help speed up the proofing process.

Teaser Proof Of Concept - Ending Test

This is our proof of concept and current WIP on the ending sequence before the logo appears. The car is V-Res certified and released into the real world - protected and resilient.

Teaser Proof Of Concept - In Facility Intro

This is our proposed look of the facility in the earlier stages of the teaser video. The camera move is just a placeholder and the way the internals reveal is just a quick test. The pipe on the left hand side will fill with digital code as suggested in the animatic.

Teaser Proof Of Concept - Inside Facility Intro

This is a proof of the look of the final stages of the video as the car emerges in a city scene. The car is protected with V-Res engineering in a world of potential and growing threats.

Teaser Proof Of Concept - Brakes Highlighting

This is a test to show how the highlighting of components will work. We haven't added all brake components here but this will give you an idea of the look and feel.

Car X-Ray Look Dev

This isn't an particular moment in the video, this is just to show the look we are creating for highlighting the internals of the car. The car would X-ray down to this treatment before showing the internal components. We plan to highlight the featured areas of the car on top of this type of treatment, maybe in a vibrant red colour i.e. steering system, braking system, engine etc.

Component X-Ray / Highlight Look Dev

This isn't an particular moment in the video, this is just to show the look we are creating for highlighting the internal components of the car.