CAV Update 2020 - Animatic V2

Please find our animatic above. As always with an animatic, please excuse how rough and ready this is. It's made up of a mixture of the original video, storyboard slides and quickly chopped together mock-up's to get the idea across. See notes and timecodes for more information.


03528 to 003744

Just a quick note on the moment the car leaves the MIRA park. As Chris was keen to keep this concise we have suggested that we pick up on the car as it's already partially around the first of the two roundabouts as not to allude exactly where it came from. The sequence Chris suggested could potentially have made it little longer than we were planning and hopefully by highlighting the roads blue from the reception and the main track, this covers all bases and shows how the testing roads outside the park (towards Birmingham) are all part of the MIRA testing ground.

Overall disclaimers
- Please excuse how the animatic looks and animates
- Any red elements on the City Circuit are just to show these the updates more clearly

Overall requests / approvals
1. Approval on this animatic if everyone is happy
2. An ETA for the on the screen content at frame 000460
3. Please supply the new branding you mentioned on V1
4. Could confirm any wording / heading changes that are required