Proposed Final Video


Proposed Final Style Frames

Frame 229
The rotating fibre optics and data shoot out from the ground

Frame 265
The moment before the rotating fibre optics and data collide to conceive the idea of FORJ

Frame 810
The rotating fibre optics and data arrive at enter the product. The product xrays as this happens as not to fully show it's form just yet. The rotational data is transformed into straight data.

Frame 1158
The product emerges from the shadows and the logo reveals. One half of the product rotates.

Frame 1138
The USP's appear on screen in the shadows.

Frame 2122
This is the moment just after we exit the products data stream and we begin the application section.

Frame 2186
Please note the wording is incorrect here. This is how we propose to treat each industry and sector. This would say 'DEFENCE'. We wanted to check you like how we have treated this before going ahead.

Frame 2827
As we reach the end of the videos the fibre optics swirl to form a complete globe of data and information.

Fully Rendered Scene Examples

Frames 200 - 280

Frames 1065 - 1195

Frames 2037 - 2222

Previous Proofs

Wireframe V1

As set out in the schedule, we're pleased to present our FORJ wireframe. This is a progressed version of the animatic but now with 90% of all scenes setup with proposed action. Please note that this is a wireframe and therefore it does not demonstrate the look but it is however proofing the proposed final video structure, camera moves, composition, key action sequences, text wording and the first pass on the music bed.

As noted above, this has Zelig's first pass on the music applied - which we absolutely love! This is just a music bed for now with only a few sound effects applied. The next version will include much more tailored individual 'spot' sound effects when the action is approved in this wireframe. As a rough guide, assume the complexity and detail of the sound design will increase the impact by around 30% from where it is now.


Overall disclaimers:

- Assume all shots are low res wireframes and that nothing is rendered to suggest the final look. In certain places we have used placeholder objects to give a general feeling of structure to the scenes but assume everything will follow the look that was suggested in the proposal.
- All text label designs are placeholders, but the wording is proposed final.
- Zelig's audio is just a music bed and the sound design layer is yet to be added.
- All blue travelling lines with green arrows will be fibre optic strands with glowing ends, with continuous data travelling down them. This will give them life even after they have entered the product.
- All FORJ product representation is placeholder and will be more subliminal


Please note the following specific scenes:

Frame 000064
The intro logo animation is currently been reverted back to wireframe as we had to tweak the composition a little from the original animation.

Frame 000933 - 001036
When the product explodes this is roughly how intend the shards to be i.e. not pieces of the product itself, but more abstract representations of. This is on one hand to protect sensitive internal components and help the final look of the scene i.e. this is more of a conceptual exploded view with shimmers of reflections on metallic surfaces.

Frame 001098 - 001644
The product beauty shots are all wireframes and not the finished look. These will have lovely depth of field, subliminal lighting and metallic, machined-like textures.

Frame 2409
The underwater ROV is just a placeholder model for now and will be replaced with something more detailed. It will also have an umbilical cord type data cable attached.

Frame 003040
This background image will be a subliminal render of the FORJ (not the Mac Pro currently used!) but we plan to achieve a similar look and feel to the Mac Pro shot.


Animatic V1

An animatic is essentially the storyboard slides progressed into a considered and proposed edit for the video. This stage is used to work out timings and general content of the video.

Generally animatics are a little difficult to watch and require quite a bit of imagination. They only tell part of the story. They are however a very important stage for us to work out timings and content, and move forward with your approval. We have provided a test animation below the animatic which will give you a better feel for the actual movement and treatment we are proposing.

Please note that we are still using placeholder imagery for all aspects of the video and any animation pieces have been sourced from other videos to help to communicate our intentions.

Please also note that the sound has just been taken from existing videos to give us something to edit to. It might be best to watch this with and without sound to make the best judgement. Although we have timed some hit points in the video to communicate where we think there should impact, generally the sounds are just place holder. As we are working with Zelig on this we can do pretty much anything we desire and direct them with the overall feel, where things should build and where key hit points are in the action.

From this proof we are looking for approval on the following aspects:

- Overall content and flow of the video

- Text label wording and screen time

- Content in the application section

- Overall duration (this may vary a little from here but this is our intention)

Things to discuss at this stage:

- Sound design / music direction for Zelig

- Visual style (see below)

Visual Style Test - Application Section

Please note that this is not the aeroplane we plan to use - it’s just a placeholder to proof the concept and proposed styling of the application section. With your approval we would like to purchase a Boeing Globemaster III military plane for this particular scene in the video:

The animation is also just a test at this stage and the camera would actually initially come from the turbine so that we see the rotary aspect of this application.

But hopefully this will give you an idea of the look and feel we are proposing for the ‘application’ section of the video.