Antlion Audio have launched into the new year with the next edition of their award-winning, high performance boom microphone, the ‘ModMic 5’ promoted through fully-animated CGI video.

The computer-generated product video by DW Studio in South Wales, UK, delivers bold and memorable features and benefits to their international customer base.

The US based, innovative company has undergone extensive R&D to produce what has been called ‘the best headset microphone’ by expert reviewers online. The fully modular and patented design allows users to easily attach or remove the boom microphone from any pair of headphones.

With a global following through international partners, Antlion Audio has recently expanded into ‘VoIP’ and ‘streaming’ applications to add to their popularity in the field of ‘gaming’. The creative promotional video was commissioned to promote the entry into these new markets, as well as the advancements that the new model brings consumers.

Eli Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio, commented, “We were very impressed with DW Studio’s passion and approach to the project. As the ModMic 5 is now available on Amazon, NewEgg, and major distribution partners worldwide, we required a video that would easily and effectively communicate our microphone's full range of features – DW Studio stepped up to the mark and delivered."

Eli continues, "Our US customers have supported us continually and our growth is a result of high customer satisfaction and their word-of-mouth referrals. Over the last couple of years, we have gone global with the ModMic. This video will help extend our success even further by engaging our existing and future customers.”

With Google reporting 68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision, video is proven to help boost sales effectively. Quality video content engages customers and is quickly becoming the most prominent way for businesses to communicate key information to customers.

David Wiffen, Director of DW Studio, added “It has been a pleasure creating a video that is being seen by such an extensive audience. We love and really believe in the new features of the ModMic 5 and have gone all out to show these in the video, using an eye-catching and creative approach.”

The ModMic 5 product and video is available on their website, Amazon, and other major retailers as advertised on the Antlion Audio Where to Buy page.

DW Studio is rapidly growing as one of South Wales’ top creative CGI companies. The company provides high-end CGI videos and stills to promote high-end products and brands around the world.

Their ability to produce work of exemplary standards are delivering show-stopping creative work for leading UK and global clients such as Dyson, Blohm+Voss, Network Rail, Marine Max Yachts, SeaKeeper, Eidsgaard Design and many more. The video, image stills and applications can also be viewed on the DW Studio project profile page.