Launched in 2012 in Portland, OR, Antlion Audio delivers stellar, innovative voice communication solutions in a customisable experience that puts its users' needs first for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With careful attention to the environment and the community, CEO Elishaya Wisnievitz and the rest of the Antlion team delivers truly innovative products with a commitment to great user experience.
Its flagship product ModMic conceived by inventor and founder Jimmy Console, is the only high quality microphone users can easily and universally attach to any pair of their existing headphones. Antlion allows users the ability to enjoy the audio quality they prefer, while providing them clear communication capabilities with the simple addition of the ModMic.
Antlion Audio approached DW Studio to create a CGI product video promoting the ModMic 5. Take a look at the project case study here. DW Studio is now working on a follow up video promoting the brand new ModMic Wireless. Visit back here soon for an update.