Animatic V3

Please find a revised animatic above. All feedback points have been covered but please bear in mind that this is still in the crude animatic styling, so for instance we have just added your hand drawn table on the warehouse dashboard screen.

With the final catalogue screen, this is roughly the structure of how we plan to add this but please excuse the crude design  for now and the nasty animation of the OCTO logos! These will be flying in in a really cool way, this be shown as we progress. We felt it was better for them to go in rather than out, as it felt like a better conclusion to the video and enabled us to come to natural stop point.

Please also note that the music will need to be extended when we are approved - this currently ends to early now.

If you're happy to officially approve we can progress to the next stage.


Animatic V2 (see WIP style frames further down page)
Please find a revised animatic based on your feedback. This proof is still in the same nasty looking 'animatic' style - so as usual, try to ignore the look of this! This stage is about getting content, action and timings approved so that we can progress with complete confidence to the final production stages.

Hopefully we have successfully covered everything in your notes, apart from the catalogue shot at the end (as I'm awaiting your decision on this) and the UI design consistency comment. The UI will be designed to fit the look of the previous video when we have your approval on the animatic. We're also waiting on whether you have any content to guide us on the final dashboard UI. Can you confirm please?

The time of day change you mentioned will also be proofed in the final treatment phase, as this is more down to the colour grade which wouldn't really work over the animatic style.

Everything else should be self explanatory. But if you're unsure on anything please feel free to call or email.

Just a quick note that we've had to adjust the schedule by a week due to your feedback coming in a week and half later than in the schedule. The addition of the car scene has also added time to the production. I hope this is understandable. 

You can see the revised schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17FFdQomfgvIdvzHt8GgKP-HEhpzEDed7XZHcRS-DtCs/edit?usp=sharing

If you're happy to approve this animatic by the end of tomorrow, we will be ok to keep the timings in the schedule above.

We look forward to your thoughts!


Animatic V1 (see WIP style frames further down page)

Please find our first pass animatic above. As always with animatics, please try to ignore how crude the design and animation is - this stage is just about getting the content right and keeping things easy to update. It's intentionally made to look quite nasty so you don't get confused with what's work in progress and what's a proposed look. Please see our early work in progress frames below to get a feel for how we are planning to style the office scene.

On that same point, please find a list of major areas to ignore:

- All lights are currently red - this is just to help visibility for the animatic. Assume they will be white / warm white as with the original video.

- The grey background and buildings designs are just a placeholder. See our images further down the page for the early WIP styling we are working on.

- All product images are what we have been supplied and just crudely cropped for now. We will tidy these up. If any are incorrect please let us know.

- All red text labelling and lines are placeholders, this is again just to communicate our intentions and will be nicely designed.

What are we looking for your approval on:

- All content and timings i.e. have we got the correct products, wording, action, moments, UI content etc etc.

Here's a frame by frame run down:

000000 - 000194
This will be just like the original OCTO video but with our new office scene. Spheres will fly down and into the building to connect and light it all up.

As this is more of an Ansell based product video, we thought it would be good to identify all products in the office right from the off to show how well Ansell can cater for an entire building. As mentioned above, ignore the horrible styling of this at the moment. This will look great when fully designed.

We've just overlaid you're mesh graphic here. We'll create something similar and attach it to relevant areas.

000621 - 000811
The iPad is showing a very crude version of what we are proposing to show on the user interface. We plan to show 4 lights detected, these are then ticked / selected, a network name will be typed in and saved, and then we see all four lights applied to the network with various controls. These UI screens will be designed to fit the styling of the original OCTO video UI. Please confirm you are happy with the content and steps.

Again here, we're showing what we plan to have on the iPhone screen for controlling the office lights. This is a tricky scene to get right but we decided to go with 'Daylight harvesting' being turned on via a switch per bank and then showing the lights reacting to the sun light that's currently coming into the room, the bank near the window turn off, the bank deeper in the building stay on. This helped to show the reaction. If the lights just fade as the sun light comes in, it's difficult to see the change in brightness as they cancel each other out.

This moment looks very crude, but the idea is to see a different shade of light warmth across each of the slanted overlays. The clocks then show a typical 9-5 timeframe within each section. The iPhone UI graphic is again a placeholder and will be designed into the original OCTO template and generally jazzed up.

As above, the UI will be redesigned to fit with the original video.

Please excuse the crude 2d animation of the forklift! This will be done in 3d and look really cool. The idea is that it drives down the aisle and back up the other side turning all the motion sensor lights on. In the following shot we see it's heat map.

The laptop is a bit off screen at the moment - please ignore this. The heat map on the laptop is also quite hard to see but we have added a crude overlay to show this growing and following the movement of the forklift. This will be clear to see and in a nice OCTO design.

With the dashboard design - can you supply some content for what would be on here?

The ending will be nice and slick as in the original video. Was there a bullet point list finale for this video or are you happy to end on the Ansell logo?


Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene

Early WIP Animation Test

Although this is currently in development (work inprogress) we thought it might help you to visualise the animatic above if we sent a quick test of where we are on the design of the office building. A few rooms are unfinished and we haven't integrated this into the city backdrop yet.

Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene - Wide Shot

Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene - Crop 1

Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene - Crop 2

Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene - Crop 3

Early WIP Develpoment Images of Office Scene - Crop 4