Purolite, a company that was founded in 1981, has grown over the decades, needless to say it has gone from strength to strength. At it's core they develop and manufacture resin beads for a wide range of commercial uses. As a result it has over 1,000 active products.

DW Studio, is honoured to work closely with Purolite in order to deliver an exciting range of images that captures Purolite's heart.

Crops - Antibody Hero Imagery​​​​​​​
8K - Group Shot Deliverable

The Proposal
Proposals  play a crucial part in every project we deliver. It helps set context, highlights points of interests and carves out a clear direction forward.

For this proposal we had a wide range of ideas of how best to represent Purolite's core bead, their ligands as well as the antibodies.

We organically arrived at solution swiftly moved onto the next stage of the project, Development
Development - Beads, Ligands & Antibodies
Practical Applications