Magstim / TMS Video

Neuroscience experts Magstim required a CGI video that explained their developments in the fields of neuromodulation and brain stimulation. Magstim has always been at the cutting edge of the evolution of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and developed a revolutionary treatment for nerve and brain disorders such as major depressive disorder (MDD). The CGI video explains the benefits of Magstim's product, a TMS stimulator, in a vibrant, eye-catching and easy-to-understand way. As the video was being marketed in America primarily, an Amercian voice-over was integrated at the development stage. Magstim also used the video to promote their expertise during their platinum sponsorship of the 2nd International Brain Stimulation Conference taking place in Barcelona. The video was highly commended by delegates at the event for its engaging and informative piece of communication. The marketing team liked the branding used in the video so much, the style was adopted to other areas such as logo video stings and within their headquarters, with plans to use further across the board.