Hunton Power Boats / XRS52

Hunton Powerboats and Eidsgaard Design commissioned DW Studio at short notice to create a CGI video teaser to launch their stunning new luxury powerboat - the XRS52. The next generation of boats from Hunton that blend luxury, performance and practicality. DW Studio worked closely with Hunton and Eidsgaard throughout the project, enabling us to build an accurate 3d representation of the XRS52's exterior and interior layout. With the XRS52 still at the design stage, it was imperative that our workflow allowed for the design of the boat to change right up until the final week. The video itself uses a "data-control style" single camera move, circling the boat as the scene develops around it. We rendered multiple treatments of the boat and scene across the same camera move. This allowed us to pick and choose in post production how and when to reveal certain areas of the design. We also created a range of super high renders based on scenes from the video (20000x12000 pixels each). Everything was created and rendered in-house.

Video Screenshots