Blohm+Voss / BV80 Teaser

Blohm+Voss are world renowned for producing luxury Super Yachts. DW Studio were honoured to be asked to work with Blohm+Voss to promote their new 80 metre Super Yacht ahead of its launch at the Monaco Yacht Show. With the vessel currently in production, DW were tasked with creating the 3d yacht from a series of 2d plans and hand-drawn visualisations from Eidsgaard Design. We worked closely with Blohm+Voss and Eidsgaard to turn their beautiful designs into a versatile 3d model ready for this unique visual treatment. We then liaised extensively with Inaria Design to ensure the video was perfectly in-line with the Blohm+Voss marketing strategy. The final touch came from copyrighter, Howard Fletcher, who conceived the wonderful 'Semi-Custom. Totally Blohm+Voss' tag line.

View the video on the Blohm+Voss BV80 site here:

BV80 Teaser Video
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