WIP / Wireframe Edit - Round 1

Reduced elements graphics


Pre Approval Development 
To create an engaging 'front-of-house' video to help attract passersby and lead them into the Purolite booth. Delivering high-energy and engaging visuals to deliver the foot-print savings of Purolite's next-generation bead technology, delivered with supporting numerical data. The visuals will reinforce the formation and consistent size of the bead. With a DurA promotion to end.

Proposed Action
1. Water flows through the shot from left to right. This is joined by a representation of solvent and C02.
2. The water swirls into a spherical shape to begin to form the bead. Certain figures are shown to show the reduction in the footprint of this new process.
3. The liquids and gases solidify into an outer crust and form our familiar Purolite hero bead.
4. Ligands grow from the surface. Antibodies could potentially fly in and bind?
5. We cut or zoom into a ligand close up and we deliver the final copy.

Style Frames - Created In-House

Storyboard V1
The general premise is that water flies through the shot to reveal the logo and 'What if?' statement. The water then forms a sphere reminiscent of the Purolite bead shape. We then deliver the water-saving metric. The water sphere then morphs into a liquid-like solvent which is made out of small particles (to make it different to the water). The solvent is somewhere between liquid and gas in its form. This could be colourised as shown or a simpler colour if preferred. The solvent-saving metric appears over the top. The sphere then transforms for a final time into a C02 cloud of gas, which swirls into a sphere shape. The final metric is then shown. We see a summary of all 3 savings before the 'earth' bead enters the shot. The camera gracefully pulls back to see the earth centre stage. Copy circles the bead before it spins to reveal the ligands growing. Antibodies fly in and bind to the ligands. 

Very Rough Visual Storyline Proposal