The Dyson SuperSonic Hairdryer made the headlines this year as Dyson unveiled their latest innovation. The creative assets DW Studio produced are seen globally via online marketing, product packaging, large format advertising, and other marketing content. We work with Dyson on a regular basis supplying high-end static and video content for their marketing. This complex project was to create a vast range of consistent imagery for the launch of their new Dyson SuperSonic Hairdryer under very tight time deadlines.

- Everything was supplied RGB and CMYK at A0 resolution
- Everything was specifically treated to work on (2 x) black and white backgrounds
- All product variations were identically treated
- Include technical images which show interior workings of the product
These deliverables were packaged and delivered electronically direct to Dyson, ready to be used immediately in marketing and advertising promotions online and offline. The benefits of using CGI meant there was no need for them to cut out images, whilst the imagery were unaffected by exposure to fingerprints and dust.

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