Network Rail / North West Phase 3 / Proofing

This page will contain all proofs for the Midland Main Line video projects. The latest proof will always be at the top with old proofs descending down the page.

North West Phase 3 - Wireframe Proof 02

Notes throughout 
- Audio/music has not yet been applied (premiumbeat is currently offline so we couldn't include the music).  
- Motion blur effect whilst train is moving is only seen up to timecode 001317 but will be applied throughout. 
- All text labels are temporary. They will be altered to be in the same style of previous videos. The wording on these needs to be confirmed also however it would be ideal if wording keeps to a similar length. 
- Graphic train route at the bottom of the screen is accurate with regards to location but will be matched to the speed of the train in final video.
- We have yet to finesse the speeding up and slowing down of the train - e.g. It will no longer feel like the train speeds up or slows down too abruptly once these are applied.

Notes for key sections
002165 - Kirham and Wesham station.
This scene is the most developed CGI scene. All thats left to do are the text labels and the platform and footbridge may contain glint like in previous videos when highlighted.

002820 - Poulton Le Fylda station.
This scene is a very rough placeholder with temporary camera moves and action. Labels are suggestive of what we intend to show here.

003859 - Blackpool North Station.
This is also not final and included as placeholder - camera moves are little more developed on this scene. Like the Poulton disclaimer it will be needs additional detail, lighting and texturing. The highlighted platform of 7 & 8 will also disappear to suggest its being removed.